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Amazon may soon unveil its own messaging service

Amazon is reportedly working behind the scene on bringing a new messaging application to the social platform. According to a customer survey obtained by AFTV news, Amazon is planning to launch a messaging application called ‘Anytime’ to rival the likes of WhatsApp, BBM and Facebook Messenger.

Anytime will be made available on iOS, Android and Desktop platforms, and it will include regular features like  voice/video calling, location sharing and message encryption. In addition, Amazon plans to include abilities to colour code conversations (a feature already available on Facebook Messenger), order food, split bills, play games as well as group music listening.

Credit: AFTVNews 

Also with message encryption being part of the offering, features like chatting up businesses and placing orders or making reservations using bank cards is also being touted as potential offering of Anytime.

Ease of use will definitely be high up on Amazon’s checklist for the messaging app. To use Anytime, users will only need their contact’s username as opposed to a phone number à la WhatsApp or a ‘pin’ on BBM.

A launch date is yet to be announced, but Amazon know they will have to offer something genuinely amazing to prize users away from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


Source: AFTV news


[Featured photo credit: Jason Howie/Flickr]


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