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WT2 and One2One headsets translate foreign languages in real-time

A team called TimeKettle may have just solved the communication problems you have when travelling abroad, with the development of its WT2 Bluetooth headset.that provides real-time translation to what is being said.


Credit: WT2

The WT2 headset is at the moment only able to translate from Mandarin (Chinese) to English, but more languages are expected to be added over time. It provides real-time translation with just a 3-second lag which TimeKettle aims to further reduce.

The WT2 comprises of two earphones which are shared by two people in a conversation. As one person speaks, their statements are sent through their earphone to an iPhone via Bluetooth. The statements are then translated to a preferred language before getting sent into the hearer’s earphone via a specialised iOS app that is installed on the connected smartphone.


Credit: WT2
Credit: WT2
Credit: WT2




WT2 update (23/08/2017): The super early bird bid for the WT2 device goes for $99 (N36,000 )

A similar product to the WT2 Bluetooth headset is the “One2One” earpiece by Lingmo international – a tech start-up based in West Gosford, Australia. The earpiece was unveiled at the United Nation Artificial Intelligence For Good Submit in Geneva, in June.

Credit: Lingmo

One2One is powered by IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence system, supports translations across eight languages (English, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Chinese) and its said to translate accurately within 3-5 seconds. Unlike the WT2, One2One operates as an independent device and does not rely on Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity which has been found to cause lags in translation process.

The One2One will go on sale from October at a price of $279 (N102,000).

[Featured Image: WT2]

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