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10 Reasons Why You Should Download The GBoard Now

* The GBoard is a keyboard made by Google 

It allows you to search the web right from your keyboard

* You can also search for GIFs and Emojis as well as use the Translate functionality.

* The GBoard supports Nigerian languages.

“Hey, I’m 2 tired 2 txt, pls call me.”

Does this sound like you most nights? Then you might need to change your keyboard. I have been using the GBoard just over two weeks now and I have not wanted to stop texting ever since. So to help you decide whether to make that switch like I did, I have compiled 10 reasons why you should download the GBoard.

1. Search Google right from your keyboard.

So you are chatting a friend up and they ask you for an address or contact for a business place you do not have handy in a notepad somewhere.

Search addresses and contacts from the GBoard

You can make a quick search right from the Keyboard app itself. All you need to do is tap the Google icon on the left side of the keyboard, type what you are looking for into the search bar and Enter. Once you have seen the right result you wish to share, tap the Share icon at the bottom of the screen.


Make Google search more easily

2. Add a number row.

GBoard makes it easier to type in numbers in your text without having to cycle through back-and-forth between alphabets and symbols by adding a number row directly to the top of your QWERTY keyboard. To enable this feature, tap on the Google icon, tap on Settings, then go to Preference and enable the Number row option.

3. Type and Translate.

So you’ve just met a new Spanish friend or you’re keen to impress your old friends with a few lines of text in a language other than your native language, then GBoard is the answer for you! It comes pre-installed with Google Translate functionality which you can make use of by tapping on the Google icon (by the way I’m getting tired of saying this lol), then hit the Translate icon. Choose the language you would like to translate your text to from the dropdown list of languages. Voila, that’s it done!

GBoard gives you real-time translation to other languages.

And should you wish to translate a text from another language to your native one, just Copy and Paste the text into the GBoard translator and choose your native language from the dropdown list.

4. Smart way to delete text.

If for any reason you find a need to wipe your text bar clean to start typing afresh, you can do that more quickly using the GBoard. How? Simple! Place your finger on the Delete button and swipe quickly to the left – that will immediately delete one whole line of text. You can repeat as many times as you like till you’ve cleared all the text you wish to remove.

5. One-handed typing.

If you would like to type using just one hand but your device is too large for that, you can get around that using the GBoard. Hold the Enter key down and slide your finger the icon that has ‘a hand holding a device’. This will cause your keyboard interface to switch to the right, allowing you to type more easily with one hand. If you are left-handed or you prefer to type with your left hand, just tap on the Arrow icon to the left side of the keyboard. To revert to full-sized keyboard, tap the Fullscreen icon.

6. Search for Emojis.

Maybe you are having trouble handpicking the right emoji to use, you sad search for a suitable one that easily communicate your mood by just holding down the Enter button, and typing a keyword like “happy”, “boy”, or “heart” into the search bar at the top of your keyboard. You will immediately be presented with emoji suggestions as you type along.

GBoard gives you emoji suggestions as you type

7. Draw to search for Emojis.

For me this is the most fascinating feature of the GBoard. If you are having a tough time finding the right emoji through text search, you can simply draw the emoji you want and GBoard will search it out for you. To use this feature, follow the normal step for searching emojis as described earlier. Then on the right side of the emoji Search bar, tap on the Handwriting icon. GBoard will bring up emoji suggestions as you draw along in the space provided.

Draw and search your preferred emoji

8. Search and Send GIFs more easily.

Long press on the Enter button, slide up your finger to the Emoji icon, select the GIF option at the bottom of your screen to search through tons of  GIFs. You can type in keywords in the GIF search bar to find a suitable one.


9. Quickly adjust the cursor position.

It can be quite a tough task having to constantly tap on the screen to adjust the cursor position in between words to add a missing letter. With GBoard, you can do this more easily by holding he Space bar and sliding your finger to the left or right to adjust the cursor position to your preferred location within the text bar.

You can search GIFs and emojis easily on GBoard

10. Type in Nigerian Languages and 200 others.

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai recently visited Nigeria few weeks ago and he confirmed as part of his announcements at the Google for Nigeria event that GBoard now supports major Nigerian languages. So download the GBoard if you wish to text in Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa.

Make Google search more easily

The GBoard is available on both iOS and Android platforms. If you are Android user, You can download the GBoard on Google Play Store. iOS users can find the GBoard on iTunes.



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