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Google to mark authentic Android devices with a Google Play Logo

When next you are buying an Android device, make sure to look out for a Google Play verification badge – as the California based company has begun adding its seal of approval to legitimate Android devices. The search giant is working with several manufacturers, sellers and developers to inform customers about genuine products.

Being the largest and the most open mobile operating system, Android OS is also the most vulnerable to malware attacks and bad coding-related issues. Google wants to tackle this by enforcing its Play Protect Program on device manufacturers and app developers. A Google Play Protect logo will be placed on new device packaging so that buyers can identify which ones have passed the company’s standard security.

By introducing the new verified badge program, Google is giving manufacturers a chance to comply with its standard by ensuring only verified apps are pre-installed on their devices.

To see a full list of legitimate Android device manufacturers, click here.

[Featured Image: Google India}

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