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O is officially OREO, as Google announced the next version of Android

* Google announced today that the next version  Android is code-named ‘Oreo’.

* Oreo is said to boot up twice as fast on the Google Pixel smartphone than the previous version of Android

* The new Android OS also comes packed with features like: picture-in-picture, notification dots, enhanced background limits and tons of new emojis.

Next to follow the Android N or 7.0 (better known as Nougat) is Android O – also known as erm… Android Oreo. Google made this announcement yesterday at an eclipse-themed event in NYC.

It is not the first time the search giant has opted for snack-themed code names, avid followers of Android updates will recall that version 4.4 was code-named KitKat, 5.0 – lollipop and 6.0 – Marshmallow. This time around, the California based company has opted for Nabisco’s trademarked “Oreo” as code name for its Android 8.0.

The new OS is officially out of developer beta and part of Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which means users can start expecting a full roll-out to their phones over the coming months.

Thanks to various developer preview releases, we already know most of what to expect on the full Android O update. Oreo is twice as fast when booting up and comes packed with features that help boost battery life.

Best features of Oreo

1. Picture-in-picture: this feature allows users continue watching a video right in one corner of the screen while they continue to get stuffs done on other apps like Gmail or WhatsApp.

Picture-in-picture feature on Android Oreo Credit: Google

2. Revamped notification area and dots: Oreo will afford its users greater control over notifications by automatically grouping them into different categories. This will allow a user to block or change the behaviours of each category of notifications rather than treat them individually as is currently the case on Nougat. Also, users will be able to snooze notifications for times ranging from 15 minutes to an hour.

Notification dot on Oreo
Credit: Google

The dots notification feature provide visual indication on app icons, telling the user if they have a notifications waiting to be viewed.

3. Background limits: Google is determined improve battery life and performance of Android devices by limiting background activities of apps in its new version of Android.

4. Smarter copy and paste feature: Oreo will be able to detect what kind of texts you are trying to copy and will adjust its settings to allow you copy them more easily. It will detect if you are trying to copy an address and automatically highlight the entire text to make it faster to copy. It will even offer map suggestions to go with.

5. Tons of new emojis

It is not clear at the moment when users can expect to Oreo update on their phone. However, Oreo will be rolling-out soon for Google devices, including the Pixel phone, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. Other device makers will be able to issue Oreo update from the end of the year.

Android OS is said to power 9 in 10 smartphones globally, but only around 13 percent of all Android users have the most recent version of Android – Nougat, compared to 87% of iPhone users who have the latest iOS version.


[Featured Photo: Google]

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