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These are the apps slowing down your Android Phone

If your Android device is freezing or getting slower and your battery is draining faster than usual, don’t blame it on the device – its the apps you installed  – at least that’s according to a study carried out by Avast. They have compiled a list of apps you should really watchout for and they are likely to be some of your favourites, but you wouldn’t want to use them for long without having a power bank around.

These apps drain the most mobile data, battery life and storage space – all at the same time.

Credit: Avast


It is not surprising to find Spotify, Snapchat and Tinder on the list. These apps make heavy use of your mobile data and require require a lot of battery power.


The ‘Silent Killer’ apps

Credit: Avast

This category includes those those apps which you may not know are running in the background and ruining your battery life. Apps like BBM, Facebook and Instagram are always working behind the scene to provide you with real-time notifications.


Source: Avast

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