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YouTube launches a Chat and Sharing feature on its mobile platform


* The new feature lets users share videos and chat about them privately.

* Users can start one-to-one chats with their contacts or create a group chats of no more than 30 particpants

* All group chat participants can watch videos shared without leaving the thread, and they can respond using texts, emojis or another video.


YouTube has added a new way to share videos within its mobile app. The new feature introduced today will allow users to share videos with their contacts and chat about them privately without leaving the app itself.

The new share option is a shrewd business move and YouTube will hope that it encourages users to keep discussions about its videos within the app itself without having to take those discussions to other social platforms.


Here is how it works.

This newly launched feature is currently available on the YouTube mobile apps and no words have been said on whether it will be rolled out to desktops as well.

Credit: YouTube

On the YouTube app, users can start one-to-one chats or create a group chat of no more than 30 people. All participants of the group can watch shared videos without leaving the chat thread. Users can respond to videos using texts and emojis as well as reply with other videos.

Credit: YouTube


All videos shared in this way can be found in a brand new tab that makes it easier to catch up with friends and see which videos have been sent.

Although this feature is new to YouTube, it is definitely not a new concept to users of social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The Google-owned company will however hope its latest method will help user stay active for longer on its video sharing service.


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