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Tech gist: Bill Gates now uses an Android phone

* Microsoft founder, Bill Gates has revealed that he’s now switched to an Android phone

* He also described Steve Job as a “genius,” as he confirms he doesn’t have an iPhone

* His wife, Melinda famously revealed that iPhone and iPods were banned in their household in an interview back in 2009.

Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates finally seems to have embraced reality, as he revealed he’s now switched to an Android phone while speaking to Fox News on Sunday.

Microsoft’s own Windows-powered phones have failed to make significant impact in the crowded smartphone market that is currently dominated by Android and iOS devices, it will in fact be a surprise to see anyone at Microsoft who still uses a Windows phone.

See the interview (spotted by On MSFT) below


Bill Gates talks about his relationship with Steve Jobs and his smartphone of choice. Full interview on Fox News at 10pm ET.

Posted by Fox News Sunday on Sunday, 24 September 2017


While Gates didn’t reveal the exact model of his Android phone, he did note that it has a lot of Microsoft apps on it. This suggests he could be using a Microsoft Edition Samsung Galaxy S8, or maybe he just downloaded Microsoft’s line-up of apps from Google Play Store by himself.

The world’s richest man is still not an Apple fan, when asked whether he also has an iPhone perhaps as a secondary device, he replied: “No, no iPhone.” He did however admit that Steve Job was a “genius.” He went further to say: “The competition in the software and IT space that Steve helped foster, it’s phenomenal.” His wife, Melinda Gates famously told Vogue magazine in 2009: “There are very few things that are on the banned list in our household. But iPods and iPhones are two things we don’t get for our kids.”

Although Microsoft applications run on Apple devices, it’s fair to say both companies have always been more rivals than allies.

[Featured photo: REUTERS/Edgar Su]

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