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Boeing launches $2 million competition to build the world’s first commercial personal flying device

* Acceptable designs must be able to carry a single person 20 miles without needing recharge and must take-off and land vertically

* Everyone from inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply

Boeing is sponsoring a global $2 million competition called the GoFly Prize, to find a personal flying machine (Jetpack) that is “safe, quiet, useful and thrilling.” The two-year long competition was launched on September 26, and is split into 3 phases.

The $2,000,000 prize will be won over three consecutive phases, with up to ten $20,000 prizes awarded in phase one based on a written report. Phase two will see up to four $50,000 prizes awarded based on revised Phase one material and demonstrated performance of progress to date.

A $1 million prize will be awarded to the best overall final Fly-off score, with a team of expert taking factors like speed, noise and size of the Jetpack into account. The remaining $600,000 prize will be shared among the runners-up.

Designs must take-off and land vertically, or nearly vertically, and be able to carry of flying 20 miles (32 km) after carrying a single person.

The organisers believe the solution can come from anybody, anywhere, so scientists, engineers, academics, entrepreneurs and innovators have been invited to register either as individuals or as part of a team. Each team can organise its own members, recruit additional experts, and add new members at any stage throughout the competition. However, Boeing employees or their family members, anyone resident in Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan and anyone subject to sanctions of the US cannot be entered into the competition.

The registration deadline for Phase one is April 4, 2018 and Phase two deadline is December 8, 2018. The final Fly-off is scheduled to hold in October 2019. The winner of the GoFly Prize competition will control their intellectual property and it will be up to them whether to commercialise it or not.

If this sounds interesting enough and you’ve got what it takes, click to ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE.


[Featured photo: GoFly]

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