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Facebook to launch a new Crisis Response Centre that offers news and fundraising tool after natural disasters

* Facebook is launching a Crisis Response Centre to provide support and information to those affected by natural disasters and terror attacks

* It will contain tools like: Safety Check, Community Help as well as Fundraising tool.

Facebook has today announced that it will be launching a new Crisis Response Centre to assist users during terror attacks and natural disasters.

The new hub will provide a platform for users to access all of Facebook’s crisis response tools – including Safety Checks, Community Help and Fundraisers to support crisis recovery.

Credit: Facebook


Mike Nowak, Facebook’s Product Director for Social Good, also confirmed in a blog post today that the new Crisis Response Centre will contain links to articles, photos and videos posted publicly by the Facebook community to help inform people about a crisis.

The Crisis Response page will roll-out over the coming weeks and users will be able to access it from the homepage on desktop or from the menu button on mobile.


What to expect from Facebook’s Crisis Response Centre

Safety Checks: lets you inform friends and family that you’re safe.

Links to Articles, Photos and Videos: will be populated from public posts people are sharing about a crisis on Facebook.

Community Help: will let people ask or give help to communities affected by the crisis.

Fundraiser: will let people create fundraising campaigns and donate to support those affected by the crisis.

Credit: Facebook

Facebook has always been a significant tool in the way people connect with their loved ones in the aftermath of natural disasters and terror attacks. The social network has also brought people together to provide help for those communities affected by crisis such as Hurricane Harvey which affected Texas. Facebook raised $9 million from users and also donated $1 million as a company to provide support to those affected.


[Featured photo: Facebook]

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