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The Smart Jacket that can OPERATE your smartphone goes on sale

 * Commuter truck jacket is made from Jacquard yarn – hi-tech conductive fabric

* It can connect to a smartphone, enabling the wearer to answer or end calls, play or skip a song via the jacket

* It will cost $350 (N104,600) and sales begin in select US stores today

The Commuter Trucker Jacket is a futuristic Denim smart jacket that not only gives you a fashionable look, but also controls your smartphone. It is made from Jacquard technology using Jacquard yarns – a hi-tech conductive (touch sensitive) fabric.

The Smart Jacket was created by a partnership between Levi’s and Google’s ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) division. It can connect to a smartphone and be used to control some basic functions such as receive or end calls. It can skip, play, and pause a playback and can also connect to Google maps. It was created for bikers, drivers or people on-the-go, to save them the stress of having to check their smartphones or watches.

According to Levi’s Global Product Innovation Lead, Paul Dillinger: “anyone on a bike knows that navigating your screen while navigating a busy city street isn’t easy – or a particularly good idea.” He said: “This Jacket helps solve that challenge by becoming the co-pilot for your life, on and off your bike.”

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

How it works
The Jacquard yarns are more or less thin wires that can send and receive signals. On the sleeves of the jacket, at the cuff region is a touch sensitive area made up of a computer the size of a button that recognises touches or swipes, translates it and sends the translated command to smartphones or devices wirelessly – via Bluetooth.

When a call comes in, the LED light on the computer comes on and a gentle brush of the sleeves can help receive or end the call. With similar gestures on the sleeve, you can have your text messages read to you or even connect to Google maps and have it tell you the next direction to take and expected time of arrival.

Levi’s said this is not a “precious” technology and wants the smart jacket to be used the same way as the normal denim jackets. It can be washed regularly in a washing machine or by hand as long as you remove the button loop (computer) on the sleeves before doing so.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

The smart Denim Jacket will cost $350 (N104,600) and will be available at select US stores from today. It expected to go on sale via Levi’s website next week.

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