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The 2018 Nissan Leaf is an all-new electric car with a ONE-PEDAL driving mode

* Nissan has unveiled the 2018 version of the world’s most popular electric vehicle

* It comes with 50 percent improvement on range than its predecessors.

* The 2018 Leaf will also come with an ‘e-Pedal’ that can be used for accelerating and braking. 

Nissan has unveiled the 2018 version of its Leaf model. The company has sold over 283,000 units of the Leaf brand since it was launched in 2010, making it the world’s most popular electric vehicle. According to Nissan, the latest Leaf comes with an increased range, and can cover 50 percent more distance than its predecessor on one full charge.


The car also has a driving mode that allows it to be driven using just one pedal – the “e-Pedal”. Described by Nissan as “revolutionary”, the e-Pedal can be used for accelerating as well as braking. The e-Pedal keeps the car driving forward when depressed and brakes when the pressure is released, even when driving down a steep slope. An actual brake pedal is also available too should there be a need for aggressive braking in case of an emergency.




The 2018 Leaf is also the first car to come with a new “ProPilot” semi-autonomous driving and parking feature. The ProPilot technology keeps the car centred on a motorway and prevents it from hitting objects in its front. The ProPilot Park helps the car park itself.



Nissan’s President and CEO, Hiroto Saikawa said: “The new Nissan Leaf, with its improved autonomy range, combined with the evolution of autonomous drive technology, such as ProPILOT Park and the simple operation of the e-Pedal, strengthens Nissan’s EV leadership, as well as the expansion of EVs globally.

“It also has the core strengths that will be embodied by future Nissan models.”



The Yokohama-based automaker has also revealed that the car will be built across three plants: the Oppama plant in Japan, Sunderland plant in the UK, and Smyrna plant in Texas.



The new Leaf is expected to go on sale in Japan from October, but customers elsewhere will have to wait till early next year to get theirs.




Although powered by a 40KWh battery, due to different range of tests for electric vehicles in different territories, the Leaf’s range will vary according to where it is to be sold. In Europe, it will have a range of 235 miles, in Japan – 248 miles and 150 miles in the US.




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