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$1000 Pixelbook is the thinnest and lightest laptop Google has ever made and the first to come with Google Assistant

* The device weighs just 1kg and has a thickness of 10.3mm

* The Google Pixelbook can be operated in four modes: laptop, tablet and ‘tent’ modes

* Powered by Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 processors, battery life is a cool 10 hours on full charge

* Available now for pre-order, to go on sale from October 31

The Google Pixelbook is a high-performance Chromebook, created to be as portable as a tablet. It is also designed to run many of the apps “we use and love on our phones.”

The device itself is a huge statement, and it represents Google’s real attempt to compete in the mainstream laptop market. Most Chromebook users were students, who needed a low-budget laptop to get through schoolwork. Therefore a $1000 Pixelbook represents a big leap for Google and a real statement of their intention to compete with Microsoft and Apple in the laptop market.

Credit: REUTER/Stephen Lam


The Pixelbook is a visually stunning device that is definitely able to challenge both Microsoft Surface laptop and the Macbook Pro in terms of design and specs. It is the thinnest and lightest device Google has ever made, at 10.3mm and just over 1kg.

Storage: 128GB
Battery: 41Wh (lasts up to 10 hours according to Google)
Ports: 2 USB-C with fast-charging, headphone jack
Dimensions: 11.4 in x 8.7 in x 0.4 in
Weight: 1.1kg
Display: 12.3" 2400x1600 (235ppi) Quad HD LCD, Touchscreen
Camera: 720p @ 60FPS
Keyboard: backlit
Audio: Four microphones, two speakers

Made of aluminium, it features a two-tone design symmetry like we saw on the Pixel 2 phones. The glass shade on the back of the screen encases the Wi-Fi antenna, and the ‘advanced silicone’ pads that surround the glass trackpad provides a comfortable surface to rest your palm during work.

Built to function as a 4-in-1 device, you can use the Pixelbook as a laptop or fold the keyboard underneath as a tablet. You can also prop it in a “Tent” mode.

The screen is a 12.3-inch high resolution touchscreen display and the keyboard is soft-touch with backlight design so you’re comfortable working in all lighting conditions.

Google Pixelbook can be used in four modes
Google Pixelbook can be used in four modes
Credit: Google



In the laptop’s engine room is Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 processors supported by “plenty of RAM” (8GB on $999 model) to help with multitasking. Battery life is a good 10 hours on full charge, while Google said a 15 minute charge can get you around 2 hours of battery power. The best part is that, you can charge the Pixelbook laptop with the same charger you’d use to charge a Pixel phone – so that’s one less thing to carry about. For an extra $99, you can get a Pixelbook Pen which Google said is not just responsive but natural and comfortable to use too.

The Pixelbook is also the first laptop with a Google Assistant. There is a dedicated button for launching the Assistant or you can just say “Ok Google” to bring it up. You can talk or type to find anything on the internet, set reminders, check travel times and estimated time of arrival to a destination, open a document and do other things you can through Google Assistant.

Again, you can download your favourite apps like Netflix, Instagram and Snapchat on your laptop. The Pixebook Pen is also useful for drawing and designing on apps like AutoCAD and Infinite Painter as well as taking down notes with Evernote and Squid.


Currently available on pre-order from $999 (N360,000) and you can add the Pixelbook Pen for an extra $99 (N36,000). The laptop goes on sale from October 31.

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