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Twitter launches “Happening Now” feature to showcase live events around you

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* Twitter launches a new tool “Happening Now”

* It can be found at the top of your Twitter timeline and showcases ongoing events around the your location

* It currently only features sports events in the US, but will be expanded to include other activities and users around the world in the future

Twitter has launched a new tool called “Happening Now”, designed to keep users up-to-date with ongoing events around them. This tool will also showcase current topics Twitter thinks a user might be interested in.

How It Works

The “Happening Now” tool – which features live events – will be placed at the top of your timeline. Tapping the “down arrow” icon will allow you view why Twitter thinks you will be interested in the event or hide the event from your timeline. Tapping on the photo in this section allows you to view conversations surrounding the event or topic.

Twitter said in a post on its website that: ” You may see events featured at the top of your timeline labelled as ‘Happening Now,’ it said, ” when available, we will show you events and topics we think you might be interested in when you open your Twitter for iOS or Android app.”

People holding mobile phones are silhouetted against a backdrop projected with the Twitter logo in this illustration picture taken September 27, 2013. REUTERS/Kacper Pempel/Illustration//File Photo

The Happening Now tool is the kind of feature that Twitter needs at the moment to attract new users as well as retain newly registered ones. But for now it is only available in the US, and features only sports events, with other categories such as entertainment and breaking news to be showcased in the future

This announcement comes just days after Twitter revealed that it is working on adding a “Save for later” feature that lets users bookmark tweets privately.

[Featured photo: Reuters}

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