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Sony’s Aibo robot dog is back for the first time since 2005

Aibo robot dog

* Sony first released Aibo in 1999 but discontinued the robot dog in 2005

* The company has now announced a new version is set to go on sale in Japan from January 2018

* The robot dog is backed by AI and can learn from its owner and its environment

* It is also able to develop its own personality over time

Just a week after Sophia made history by becoming the first robot to be granted citizenship, Sony has launched the latest version of its Aibo robot dog 12 years after it was discontinued.

First introduced more than a decade ago, Aibo is an artificially intelligent robot that learns from its owners and environment.

Aibo robot dog
Aibo (Credit: Sony)

Sony stopped making the robot dogs in 2005, as part of a cost-saving strategy. But the Japanese company is back to making them, and the latest version is designed to move and act more like a real dog, as well as develop its own personality over time.

Aibo can respond to voice prompts, wag its tail, convey emotions to its owners through its OLED eyes, and according to Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai, the $1,750 smart pet is ‘capable of building loving relationship.’



It also has an array of sensors, microphones, fish-eye cameras, and internet connectivity that allow owners to play with the robot dogs remotely. With advanced AI-backed by cloud computing, the robots can develop real dog’s personality.

Aibo will go on sale in January 2018 for ¥198,000 (₦623,000)

[Featured photo: Sony]


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