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Apple hit by waves of lawsuits for deliberately slowing down old iPhones

Apple hit with lawsuit for throttling older iphones

Apple is now having to deal with several class action lawsuits after it confirmed this week that it deliberately slows down older phone models to save them from suddenly shutting down as their batteries age.

Some customers have expressed their upset about the fact that Apple has not been transparent about its power management feature, seeing it as a ploy to force them into buying newer phones.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook (Credit: Reuters)

In Los Angeles, Stefan Bogdanovich and Dakota Speas have filed a lawsuit with the U.S District Court for the Central District of California, accusing Apple of interfering with their devices without consent.

The lawsuit application states: “Plaintiffs and Class Members never consented to allow Defendants to slow their iPhones

“As a result of Defendant’s wrongful actions, Plaintiffs and Class Members had their phone slowed down and, thereby it interfered with Plaintiffs’ and Class Members’ use or possession of their iPhones.”

Bogdanovich and Speas have applied to certify the case to include all the people in the U.S who owned an Apple phone older than the iPhone 8.

Another lawsuit, filed by five plaintiffs in the Northern District of the State of Illinois, accuses Apple of intentionally putting pressure on customers to get newer devices by not being transparent about its power management feature.


Their lawsuit states: “Apple’s iOS updates purposefully neglected to explain that its purposeful throttling down of older model devices and resulting lost or diminished operating performance could be remedied by replacing the batteries of these devices,’ the lawsuit states.

“Instead, Apple’s decision to purposefully slowdown or throttle down these devices was undertaken to fraudulently induce consumers to purchase the latest iPhone versions of the iPhone 7, as well as new phones such as the iPhone 8 and iPhone X .”

Battery performance is expected to diminish with time, but processor performance should stay the same. Many customers and analysts have criticised Apple’s approach, and argued that the tech giant should replace older batteries rather than deliberately sabotage the performance of older smartphone without consumer’s permission. 

Todd Hassleton of CNBC believe the revelation could jeopardise Apple’s reputation for great customer service and support, and discourage consumers from downloading newer versions of iOS if they fear doing so will only make their devices slower.



[Featured: REUTERS/Issei Kato]

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