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Apple admits it deliberately slows down older iPhone models

* The new revelation lends weight to conspiracy theory that Apple deliberately slows down devices to force users to upgrade

* Apple claims the move is designed to prolong the life span of its hansets

* Apple critics have argued that company should instead replace batteries rather than slow down older iPhone models

Apple has admitted to deliberately slowing down the performance of older iPhone models as it releases newer ones. The company said that it intentionally ‘smooths out’ the performance of older smartphones as their battery gets old.

The revelation lends more weight to a popular conspiracy theory. However, Apple claims this is only a precautionary measure – designed to keep its older phones from breaking down. Rather than a ploy to push customers to upgrade to newer iPhone models.

iPhone launch event
Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, introduces the iPhone 8 during a launch event in Cupertino, California, U.S. September 12, 2017. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

A spokesperson for the company told AFP: “Our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices.

“Lithium-ion batteries become less capable of supplying peak current demands when in cold conditions, have a low battery charge or as they age over time, which can result in the device unexpectedly shutting down to protect its electronic components.”

The company also confirmed it is expanding the its program to more devices.

“Last year we released a feature for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE to smooth out the instantaneous peaks only when needed to prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down during these conditions. 

“We’ve now extended that feature to iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2, and plan to add support for other products in the future.”

Battery performance is expected to diminish with time, but processor performance should stay the same. Many customers and analysts have criticised Apple’s approach, and argued that the tech giant should replace older batteries rather than deliberately sabotage the performance of older smartphone without consumer’s permission. 

Todd Hassleton of CNBC believe the revelation could jeopardise Apple’s reputation for great customer service and support, and discourage consumers from downloading newer versions of iOS if they fear doing so will only make their devices slower.


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