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The $59 test kit and mobile app that reveal how fertile you are

The YO Home Sperm Test kit is FDA cleared, and is said to be 97% accurate at assessing motile sperm concentration.

When set up, kit’s companion app turns your smartphone camera into a microscope lens that’s capable for assessing the number of moving sperm in a sample unit.

YO Home Sperm Testing Kit

While it can still be bought directly from the manufacturer’s website, it is now also available on Amazon for $59 (N21,500)

The app’s developer claim that other home test options report only show sperm concentration, but they could all be dead or non-motile. However with YO, you will get to see a live video of your sperm, seeing the swimmers – the ones with higher chances of reaching an egg.

Credit: YO Home Test Kit


After a few minutes it will tell you how strong your sperm count is (Credit: YO Home Test Kit)

So how does it work?

  • Download the app from App Store or Google Play Store and set up the full test kit which comprises of: a collecting cup, liquefying powder to mix with the sample, testing slides, a YO clip that can be attached to a smartphone and a plastic pipette.
  • User first collects the sample in the cup
  • Then one vial of liquefying powder is carefully added to the sample. The two are then mixed for 10-15 seconds.
  • Next, the user sets aside the sample for up to minutes, by which time it would have turned slightly pink.
  • The sample is then mixed again gently before being transferred onto the testing slide.
  • Some of the mixture is paced on a red dot – which will flows to the base of the slide slowly.
  • Next the filled slide is inserted all the way through the YO Clip. The user then needs to tap ‘Start testing on the app’
  • After a couple of minute the analysed result is displayed in form of a video – showing the sperm count and motility.


The developers of the app aim to allow younger men detect any infertility issues as early as possible, believing that having the test at home will save millions of men the embarrassment of going to the doctor’s office to request a test.

Research approximates that the male is either the sole or contributing cause to 40 percent of all infertility cases.


[Featured photo: YO Home Sperm Test]

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