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The ‘forever battery’ that can recharge itself wirelessly

Forever Battery

A new battery you can use forever and charge wirelessly has been developed. Imagine never having to change the batteries of your remote control ever again. Ossia’s new ‘Forever Battery’ may soon make that possible, I could soon revolutionise the way we power our devices.

What previously seemed impossible has now been proven otherwise, as the firm unveiled the world’s first wirelessly charged AA battery at the just concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And if you’re wondering how this works; these batteries use radio frequency (RF) signals sent out by COTA Tile transmitters that blend into your ceiling or wallpaper making them unnoticeable. Amazing right? More like ‘wifi-charging’!

This design of batteries don’t just charge in a ‘super awesome’ way, but they are also guaranteed to maintain their charge without a need to replace them. Now imagine if these batteries are incorporated into other devices such that we can do away with wires and charging pads, sounds like a huge relief!


No extension wires, no plug-ins, how then does it work you might be wondering. Ossia revealed that the wireless charging system uses a ‘beacons power exchange ‘ to send power from the transmitter to a receiver – solely relying on RF signals.

The receiver embedded inside the device that needs charging will send out a signal beacon to find a COTA transmitter. When found, the COTA transmitter responds by sending power to the source beacon, and this exchange occurs about 100 times in a second – super fast right?

Forever Battery
Forever Battery charges wirelessly through signals sent out from COTA transmitter tiles (Credit: Ossia)



The Ossia COTA ‘Forever Battery’ doesn’t even require a direct line of sight with the transmitter to get charged, it just needs to be in the same room. This is an advancement on previous technologies, including ‘the invincible wireless power COTA tile transmitter ‘ which works similarly to a WiFi. While the latter supplies internet connection without contact, the former charges multiple devices without contact as well.

Mario Obeidat, CEO of Ossia said: “Forever Battery bridges the gap between the battery-wire age and the wireless power era.” Eventually, this advancement is hoped to bring power to every device with certain control measures from power usage and consumption perspective.



[Featured photo: Ossia]

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  1. This won’t be cheap though… And I don’t know when we’ll ever see this sort of thing in Naija 😐. But it’s nice to know what’s going on in the world of tech. Another great article.

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