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Revealed: Twitter pays hundreds of staff to view EVERYTHING you post online


How private do you really think your DM is??? After reading this you might want to exercise caution before you ‘slide into’ her DM

A good number of friendships and relationships started just as a casual exchange of ‘private’ messages on Twitter. Direct Messages o Twitter have also in recent times become a semi-formal way for small and medium scale business owners to engage with customers.

However, sharing sensitive information such as bank card details, or nude pictures even with your most trusted Follower on Twitter could be very risky, as a video recently shared by an investigative journalist group, Project Veritas shows. In the video, Twitter employees expose top secrets about their jobs to the group. Clay Haynes, Senior Network Security for the social networking site could be heard speaking of how he gets paid to access and analyse users’ personal information, which often meant he has to go through thousands of obscene messages and nude photos exchanged via DMs.

In the footage, Haynes could be heard saying: “There’s a team dedicated to it. I mean, we’re talking, we’re talking three or four hundred people… Yes they’re paid to look at d**k pics. I get to look at all of the reported tweets. Which means I have seen a lot of d**k pics. It’s ridiculous. I mean… it’s like a level, I don’t want to say it freaks me out, but it disturbs me.”

Twitter pays hundreds of staff
Top Twitter employee secretly filmed talk about how they sift through users’ tweets and direct messages (Credit: Project Veritas)

Haynes also added that he has the power to leak certain sensitive information if need be. “Sure, I can fire them, heck, could probably sue them in some cases,” Clay Haynes said.

While also speaking to reporters, Direct messaging Engineer Pranay Singh said everything ever sent on Twitter is stored on his server and will never go away, including ‘all your illegitimate wives and all the girls you’ve been f**king around with, they are on my server now.’

And if that is not enough to make you shudder, apparently there is also a team who analyses your tweets, pictures and videos to see what you are interested in, and sells these information about your interests to advertisers.

Twitter pays hundreds of staff
Twitter software engineer also spoke about how users’ tweets and shared contents are sold to advertisers (Credit: Project Veritas)

And guess what, although Twitter is free to use, your data is however valuable to the company. Therefore you might just want to think again before sending those tweets and messages next time. Remember, the internet never forgets… In this case, your DMs ain’t even as private as you thought it is.

Watch the video below:



[Featured photo: REUTERS]


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