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Instagram is testing a feature that lets you share other people’s posts to your Story

Re-share post to Story

Instagram has confirmed that it is testing a feature that lets users share other people’s public posts to their Stories. The feature is currently being trialled with a few users at the moment, but it may soon be rolled out to all users worldwide.

Generally, Instagram allows users to post pictures and videos directly to an account on their own device. However with the feature currently being trialled, users will be able to re-post contents shared by other users.

The Facebook-owned company confirmed the development, saying: “We are always testing ways to make it easier to share any moment with friends on Instagram.” Also Twitter user and Creator of Command for Instagram, Zachary Shakked shared an image of the feature being tested.

Screenshot Re-share post to Story
Instagram’s Creator of Command, Zachary Shakked shared this screenshot of the feature that lets users share other’s posts to their Story (Credit: Zachary Shakked)

It is not yet clear whether the feature will ever be made available to everyone, but users concerned about their privacy, can simply turn off the ability for others to share their posts. This setting is currently available to all users, even if they don’t have access to the feature on their account yet.

Instagram has been rolling out a raft of upgrades to its system since last October when it introduced the “Go Live With” feature that allows users to add friends in to live broadcast.

Also in November 2017, Instagram added a range of features to its app, including allowing users to edit pictures that friends send them through Direct messaging.

So could the next new feature be the one that lets you re-share other’s posts?



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