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About Us

About Us

LAKEHAY’s story hits a flying start: a baby bot being weaned by two creative young African minds. An initiative set with the purpose of providing the best technology news to people of all backgrounds and interests in a format that is both fun and free of needless jargons.


How we use technology has changed significantly since the turn of the millennium, so should the way we see it too. At LAKEHAY, we believe technology should not just to be associated with laptops, mobile phones and social networks.


Our aim therefore is to help our readers better understand and embrace technology by featuring the latest and the best stories on how it is impacting our lives and shaping our world across different sectors.


Our Promise is to offer you tech tips, guides and incisive product reviews. With active presence in the UK and Nigeria, you can count on us to give you all the best advice on new and emerging technologies – including those that are yet to be fully grasped within the Nigerian tech sphere.


To our dear future partners, we are a team that is bursting with ideas on how to satisfy our readers’ technological curiosity. Therefore we are committed to meeting and working with new partners to deliver rich product reviews and launch new products. Let’s have a chat on how we can get our readers engaging with your products and services.